The Perfect Cup of Tea

This is a well discussed subject how do you make yours?

Mug or Cup and Saucer?

Are you a simple straight in the mug type of person? Or are you a more traditional tea pot with a nice cup and saucer person.

However, you do it there’s no right or wrong.

Me personally I love the idea of a well brewed pot of tea but in reality, there’s just not enough time in the day for all that faff so its straight in the mug for me.

But there’s one thing that goes with out saying its GOT to be Yorkshire tea for me.

The Perfect Brew

See how the experts at Yorkshire Tea say you should make the perfect brew.

I’m a “tiffy” that’s tea in first then add the milk and it has to be skimmed milk followed by two good spoonful’s of sugar and try and drink it while its still warm although inevitably someone or something will interrupt my tea break and ill end up with a rather tepid brew.

How ever you like it one things for sure the freshest milk and the best tea combined will get your tea just how you like it.

All the ingredients for your perfect brew are available delivered straight to your door by Birmingham Dairies, with no minimum order and no delivery charge.

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