Frequently Asked Questions

Payment can be made by monthly direct debit, online via the website by card, by BACS through the bank using your account number or your address as a reference or unlike other milk delivery companies we are still happy for you to leave your payment out with your empties or send a cheque to the office.

The easiest way to contact us is via email at or via our contact page. If you leave details of your enquiry we will deal with your request within 3 hours by email. If you are happier leaving a voicemail just call our 24 hour orderline on 0121 448 0269.

Yes we have hundreds of happy commercial customers in the Midlands with deliveries guaranteed before 7am. All commercial customers receive an invoice by email every Friday and payment can be made weekly or 4 weekly by bacs or by monthly direct debit. For larger orders please email us for a quote because we do offer discounts based on volumes.

It depends which area you are in. Some areas receive a delivery on Monday & Thursday, some on Tuesday & Friday and others on Wednesday & Saturday.

We do prefer orders in our reusable, eco-friendly glass bottles but we still offer customers the option of purchasing in poly bottles if they prefer them.

We do recommend that your milk is always kept refrigerated and consumed within 4 days of delivery for optimum freshness.

Most of our vehicles are electric, which are better for the planet and much quieter when delivering. We aim to be 100% electric by the end of 2023.

Once registered on the website you can login to your account and make changes to your order up until 8pm the evening before your next delivery. Alternatively you can call the 24 hour orderline on 0121 448 0269 and leave your order change on the voicemail or you can email your changes to

Yes, you can register their account online and the invoices will be sent to you or you can set up a monthly direct debit and payments for their account will be taken each month from your account or from theirs if you use their account details.

All our milk is supplied by Cotteswold Dairy in Tewkesbury who collect the milk from a select group of local family farmers. The milk processed by them and sent out to us by refrigerated transport the same day ready for delivery the following morning. It really is the best tasting milk you will find.

Yes, we sell organic milk in 1 pint glass bottles, 1 litre and 2 litre poly bottles. 

The best way to keep the milk cool in the summer months is to leave out a cool bag or box for your milkman to put the milk in or you can leave out a bucket of clean fresh water before you go to bed.

 Deliveries are made between midnight and 7am so it really depends on which part of the round you are as to what time your milk is delivered. We deliver through the night in order to get all deliveries done during the coolest time of the day and ensure everybody gets their milk before breakfast.