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Moo Fresh have put this guide together to give customers in the Midlands the chance to find out more about the benefits to the milk you are buying from your local milkman and discover which milk is best for you?

When you order your milk, the main types of milk available from your milkman are whole milk (3.5% milk fat), semi skimmed milk (2%), skimmed milk (0.1%). All of our milk contains nine essential nutrients including 8 grams of protein. The different milk can be identified by the colours on the tops, on the glass bottles the whole milk has a silver top, the semi skimmed has a red and silver stripey top and the skimmed milk has a blue and silver top, whilst in the plastic poly bottles the whole milk has blue tops, the semi skimmed has green tops and the skimmed milk has red tops.

Although the fat content in your milk does affect the calorie content in each glass all our milk remains a nutrient rich and wholesome food product.

Fresh milk should be refrigerated and ideally consumed within three days of purchase.


The delicious tasting gold top milk is sold in 1 pint glass bottles and contains around 5% fat content. The smooth, rich taste of Channel Island milk makes it a great choice for those consumers that love the creamy taste on their cereals.


Once the most popular milk with the British public whole milk is a delicious tasting product and although some refer to this as full fat milk it still only contains around 3.5% fat content. Each glass of whole milk contains less than 8 grams of fat and under 150 calories. Whole milk is still the ideal drink for infants.

If you are concerned about consuming fat, then please note that all saturated fats are not the same. Milk plays a very important part in maintaining a healthy diet in the overall context of the total diet, calories and nutrients.


Semi skimmed milk is by far the most popular milk sod in the UK and contains just 2% fat content, which means the milkfat is 2 percent of the total weight of the milk—not that a glass of milk contains 2 percent fat. Here’s a nutrition fact to consider: An 8-ounce glass of semi skimmed milk contains 5 grams of fat and has the same 13 essential nutrients as every other type of milk.


If you are looking for the same nutrients as whole milk, but want to cut calories and fat, fat-free (also known as skimmed milk) is a great choice. In fact, because it has less fat, there are just 80 calories in skimmed milk in each 8-ounce glass. There is a misperception that skim milk contains water to reduce the fat content—but that is not the case. The 13 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein, remain intact.


Organic milk sales in the UK continue to rise as consumers understand the benefits, but still only a small proportion of milk drinkers opt for organic over non-organic milk. One of the biggest barriers preventing consumers from choosing organic remains the price. The environment and wildlife costs are generally overlooked when ordering our milk. The difference in price of organic milk over conventional milk is just 10p per pint, so it’s not really a great deal when you weigh up the benefits.

All cows, whether they live on an organic or conventional dairy farm, receive the best care by dairy farmers. Animal care is one of the most important aspects of dairy farmers’ jobs, because it leads to high-quality, wholesome milk.

For milk to be classed as organic our farmers must adhere to the principles of organic farming, which really means that the grass which the cows graze on has not been treated with any chemicals. Any additional feed provided has been certified as organic and does not contain any artificial additives.

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Lactose-free milk is just like the other types of milk—but with one difference. The natural sugar in milk, called lactose, has been broken down. This is usually the only option for people who are lactose intolerant. It still contains the same essential nutrients, including vitamin D, protein and calcium, as the other types of milk.


Our Delamere chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla or coffee milk are a tasty protein food for kids. Flavoured milk counts as a serving of dairy and provides the same 13 essential nutrients in each serving.


Moo Fresh supply Delamere sterilised milk which is simply heat treated (no preservatives) and its nutritional value is the same as fresh milk.

Sterilised milk can be stored in the cupboard for up to 3 months before opening, and once opened, should be treated as fresh milk, refrigerated and consumed within three days.

You can use sterilised milk in just the same way as you would use fresh milk.

Due to the heat treatment, sterilised milk has a slightly sweeter taste than fresh milk, making it particularly good in cooking. It makes a great milk pudding.

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